Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stradivarius in Multiplaza Mall Panama

Last Sunday I went to Multiplaza Pacific Mall and found 3 new shops that recently opened.

Stradivarius, Bershka and Pull&Bear.
They all in Inditex group, one of the worlds largest fashion distributor.
 these shops has good merchandises and I love also how they designed the shop.

1st stopped was Stradivarius and mood to took some photos.

I shot the sign and beautiful lamps at the cashier while waiting. And after done with payment and photos the cashier told me that taking pictures from the shop is not allowed.

I bought 1 belt from Stradivarius. In my opinion, those shops has similar products with a very competitive price.

Me on last Saturday outfit,
SHoes from Bandelino, white shirt got from Dorians, Skort from Mango, Watch from Marc by Marc Jacob, Speedy Bag from LV, Bracelet and necklace from Selvetica find it here

Thursday, September 12, 2013

When my sister was here part 2

First stopped at that day was Dorians shop in Albrook Mall.
We reached around 12.15pm then she shopped, had lunch at Crepe&Waffles one of our in Panama. Then its already 4pm,still in Stevens looking for accessories, a bit doubt can go to Casco,then at the end decided to left the shop because Casco viejo as its one of the schedule today.

We reached Casco Antique around 5.30pm and she loves the place, though cloudy with thunder sound we had to rushed walked before rain come.

I always love Casco Antiguo, this place has a special place in my heart. Those buildings, the scenery, the cafes.. 

 Both pics on top was from my files in 2010

me and mi hermanita. 4 sept 2013

I mostly wearing casual clothes. As its easy to mix and match and the other reason is because I still breastfeed my toddler. I find its difficult if I wear dress and he wants to drink, unless with buttons.

I wore t-shirt from Mango,a denim skirt, anne klein flats,Long Champ La Planete, bangles bought from India

When my sister was here part 1

Hola mi blog.
I have been busy for couple of weeks.
At last my living room was done, and my sister came from NY for a week vacation in Panama.
I took her to show around Colon and Panama. A pack schedule as too many places to showed her.

First day in Colon we took her to see Gatun Locks and Fort San Lorenzo

we both wearing Ruby Woo from MAC.
It gave us a bright red lips in a noon time and makes our face glowed and yup its too matte.. thats why need to use the gloss and the pencil liner

And unforgotten San Lorenzo Fort with the beautiful scenery

I wore my fav bag from Parfois, flat shoes from Anne Klein iflex, Zara Woman shirt and my old chic rampange skirt