Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Talking about shoes : ZARA

I adore shoes, but I am not so easily to buy.
Too  many consideration before I choose to have them.

1. Price
2. Comfort
3. How to maintain their cleanliness.

If people collecting shoes, me, as I do not  like clutter in my house, I prefer to donate my still very good condition shoes to others. Happens sometimes when I feel not mood to wear them anymore, or I felt its not comfortable after I wore.

I love to see ZARA shoes, their design always click to my eyes but somehow I feel they are never makes my feet happy.
I had only 1 sandal which I already donated, and 1 leopard flat from TRF that I still wear sometimes. Its not too comfortable for strolling the mall, but ok when I only need wear like 2 hours max.

Like this shoes I saw last sunday from the shop. Love the design so sexy but again after I tried on, hmmm enough to adore.


here is the link to see details of the shoes

And also talking about cleanliness of shoes, I cant see my shoes become dirty.  I one day prefer went to a park fair with flip flop sandal and let my feet dirty rather makes my sneaker full of dirts. Ha.. thats a huge love to my shoes.

Buy shoes with heart, and rational and  you wont regret it.

Ohhh why are u sooo cute ?

Casual day under 50 dolar each from Polyvore

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sunday Outfit

20th October 2013

Stayed at Riu, took some photos while checking out.

Had a really great weekend with my small family. 

Location : RIU Panama Hotel
Dress : MANGO
Lipstick : MAC ruby woo

Saturday Outfit at MultiPlaza

Top: Zara
Skirt: from Madison Store
Tote Bag:Iibeca by Joy Gryson
Flat shoes : Bandelino
Belt : Stradivarius

How do I look?

Bet you all knows How do I look TV shows with Jeannie Mai as a host.

I always amaZed how this program can transformed someone who is not even bother about their look and could change them into a WOW person after.
Dont tell not to cry. I am so easy to cry and every time the process of transforming done, its successfully turn me to tears face too.

Ok.. So thats for the beginning.
What I want to share to you today is transforming my black color hair into a color hair with highlight. Never knew that these are some process for highlighted  hair.

I felt like a plastic mummy

Then after around 2 hours with whole processed I have a new me...

Horayyyy I love my new hair,and had trimmed my bangs.

so how do i look? 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Recent purchased : Perfumes

  I always love perfumes which has sweet and soft smells.

My first body mist that I had was Vanilla from Victoria Secrets . It has strong vanilla sense.

Some perfumes which I had before and remember always was J-lo GLOW, then this Classic Jean Paul Gaultier with the sexy body bottle.

Then my Chanel coco mademoiselle, my current perfume for party or nite out

Versus red jeans for daily
*images for coco ,red versace and jean paul from internet

And my recent purchased are
Incanto shine from Salvatore Ferragamo
I can feel a sense of mint but soft.

And Senses from Lancome, sweet and soft.

Love love them.

But I had tried others which has fresh strong smells such as Moschino(my highschool perfume),Davidoff blue water, Dolce Gabana blue , Carolina Herera red cap, Jessica Simpson,and Britney Spears.

How about you? Which sense you like the most?