Thursday, October 17, 2013

Recent purchased : Perfumes

  I always love perfumes which has sweet and soft smells.

My first body mist that I had was Vanilla from Victoria Secrets . It has strong vanilla sense.

Some perfumes which I had before and remember always was J-lo GLOW, then this Classic Jean Paul Gaultier with the sexy body bottle.

Then my Chanel coco mademoiselle, my current perfume for party or nite out

Versus red jeans for daily
*images for coco ,red versace and jean paul from internet

And my recent purchased are
Incanto shine from Salvatore Ferragamo
I can feel a sense of mint but soft.

And Senses from Lancome, sweet and soft.

Love love them.

But I had tried others which has fresh strong smells such as Moschino(my highschool perfume),Davidoff blue water, Dolce Gabana blue , Carolina Herera red cap, Jessica Simpson,and Britney Spears.

How about you? Which sense you like the most?

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