Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How do I look?

Bet you all knows How do I look TV shows with Jeannie Mai as a host.

I always amaZed how this program can transformed someone who is not even bother about their look and could change them into a WOW person after.
Dont tell not to cry. I am so easy to cry and every time the process of transforming done, its successfully turn me to tears face too.

Ok.. So thats for the beginning.
What I want to share to you today is transforming my black color hair into a color hair with highlight. Never knew that these are some process for highlighted  hair.

I felt like a plastic mummy

Then after around 2 hours with whole processed I have a new me...

Horayyyy I love my new hair,and had trimmed my bangs.

so how do i look? 

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