Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stradivarius in Multiplaza Mall Panama

Last Sunday I went to Multiplaza Pacific Mall and found 3 new shops that recently opened.

Stradivarius, Bershka and Pull&Bear.
They all in Inditex group, one of the worlds largest fashion distributor.
 these shops has good merchandises and I love also how they designed the shop.

1st stopped was Stradivarius and mood to took some photos.

I shot the sign and beautiful lamps at the cashier while waiting. And after done with payment and photos the cashier told me that taking pictures from the shop is not allowed.

I bought 1 belt from Stradivarius. In my opinion, those shops has similar products with a very competitive price.

Me on last Saturday outfit,
SHoes from Bandelino, white shirt got from Dorians, Skort from Mango, Watch from Marc by Marc Jacob, Speedy Bag from LV, Bracelet and necklace from Selvetica find it here

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