Thursday, July 25, 2013

Guilty Pleasure

On 20th February 2013,

It started when we got a voucher from Singapore Airlines to shops in Changi Airport, Singapore.
The total of voucher is S$160 or around US$ 120. Our flight from Jakarta to Singapore for 1 hour and had plan in head what to buy with the voucher.
We were had a connection flight to Los Angeles in within 1hour and 15 minutes. Landed in terminal 1 and we need to go to terminal 3 for the connection.
We rushed to go to terminal 3 with the connection train and soon we reached we found a drug store and bought 5 bottles of balm  and still have S$120.
I know I  want to buy  shoes from Charles and Keith . This is one of Asia brand, originally from Singapore and  one of my fav brand for shoes.

Looking for their counter on Terminal 3 and one shopkeeper said its like only 5 minutes from the balm ok go ahead walking very fast with my daughter 6 years and baby stroller for my 15 months son and a husband who keep telling me just buy any brand fasttttttttttttttttttt....
5 minutes passed still cant see the shop.. oh my.. then  saw BONIA wallet ahh not soo my typee...and so I told my husband to go to the gate with kids so I can run  to find the shop and hury back find the connection gate..

I didnt see the time anymore,, so I rushed run with my full Le Pliage LongChampTravel bag and found the shop. Had a very quick shopping which is a very first time experience in my life.
Just a glance  and said i want this and this and this.. and at cashier I checked my watchhh oh my GOD.. in 15 minutes my plane will goooo..ohhh s###

so I got them...  and I runnnnnnnnn from that shop to the gate... not so easy for a person who never do jog I run..stopped..and while try to breath my husband came, he ran to tell  fasttt  they want to closed the gate... oh my are so sweet... so we both run and stopped and run and stopped  and i said sorry ..but why u have to find me... ill come...

Cant run anymore like 100 steps still to the gate, i saw my kids standing waiting for their parents together with the lady who incharge for the gate...  oh Thank God they reached there first, how could I made my daughter run quickly because mommy selfishness.

So, 2 minutes after we all sat and buckled , the pilot announce cabin crew ready to take off, stewardess closed the door,,, and I said again sorry to my hubby and my daughter with still trying to breath.and shivering legs hahhahhhhh.. Thank you Singapore Air... I love U always...

SOooo.. so far, I wore my flat 2 times and never regret it... so comfortable...
and that wallet... im in love with the color

what do u do if u are in my position at that time , adios voucher or ,,,,

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