Saturday, July 27, 2013


Colon was cloudy in the morning and sun came in the  mid day.
My living room still like a mess, cant wait to see the work done.

I am wearing my old Aerospostale T shirt and a very comfy  pant that i got from DORIANS .

Aeropostale now in Multiplaza Pacific Mall. Been there last Sunday,just to looked around and  I love how they designed the shop. for More details you can see here.
In my opinion this Aeropostale shop is the cutest among Aero in States. Well so far 2 shops I seen one in LA and in Virginia ")

 And I am wearing my cute accessories, I bought from Harajuku Japan in 2010.
Check their web
  As you can see, I still keep the plastic wrap too. This shop selling too cute accessories that I cant resist not to buy any.

And my nail for today... ohhh I always bad in polishing my nails...

Its still Saturday.. Im going out to buy PIZZA HUT for dinner tonite ..

Have a nice weekend u all...


  1. Aaawww thanks for linking up to my blog!! It is a pleasure to meet a fellow Panamanian blogger as well, keep up the great work! LOVE your nails btw, they look amazing :)