Thursday, August 1, 2013

{Throwback Thursday} from Harajuku with love

My first post in August.
I am  trying to consistence updating this blog.  Not easy one, as I am kind of  a moody person,occupied with mommy routine without a helper, a teacher for my daughter and with one toddler around, everytime  I need to open my laptop with him beside, I have to offer my Iphone to him so he is gonna be busy with Youtube though at the end Im so fed up with his fav, clips Wheels on the BUS.

 I decided to post my pic from 2010 when  me and my sista had a chance to visit Japan.
We had a blast... She and I  are 2 crazy people who can just walk non stop doesnt care of hunger for the sake of shopping.

 I remember we were in Harajuku,Tokyo. We felt hungry but keep on entering shops around because we had to see all shops before they closed.
Its  a long street with  on your left and right are shops.

We reached there in noon time, first stop was accessories shops, bought some,  and checked another and another shops, until we felt hungry  as its passed lunch time but as I said before we cant just let the time passed to sit and eat...we prefer to strolled and checked shops around.

Though at the end I didnt buy too manything but the pleasure seeing cloths, shoes, bags, accessories  without any disturbance for me its like a gift.

 *unfortunatelly*captured harajukuers from back

we were starving and met this shop,lets give a try..we dont need to sit , ordered and continue walked
as you can see, shopping going on with crepe on hands

left harajuku finally

I found Japanese street web.
You could see how Japanese youngsters with their unique fashion style.

I love Japan. Would love to come back again.

I wore : TRF  ZARA jacket jeans,underneath Arizona black sweater, Forever 21 scarf, Motivi jeans, and speedy handbag  from Louis Vuitton

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