Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Friendly budget looks for Lunar Year 2014

Chinese New Year or Lunar Year 2014 is held on Friday,31 January 2014.
And its gonna be a year of Horse, wood horse exactly.
As we all know that there is 5 elements in Chinese Feng Shui which is fire,water, wood, earth and metal.

Usually, people would wear everything in red, because red is the symbol of luck.

And I only want to put together colors which  is bringing luck based on the wood feng shui element.

Basically, all shades green and brown is a part from wood elements.
Blue from water element and black from the earth, supports woods in well being which considering bringing luck.

Well I am not a feng shui expert, this what I read from here, and happily share with you the idea how to get wood horse for this coming Friday.

This one is a very friendly budget looks, and another one  is the up scale looks

Enjoy and Gong Xi Fat Choi

May Horse Year bring us luck and more happiness.


Friendly budget look for Lunar Year

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